The Ultimate Science of Mind
Learn and embody the Seven Fundamental Secrets of Science of Mind and the Ten Lessons to transform your life. This class introduces you to the profound wisdom of Ernest Holmes based on all of his teaching.

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Welcome to New Thought Ministries:

The vision and purpose of New Thought Ministries is to awaken individuals to deep and profound spiritual wisdom and establish the consciousness of spiritual mastership. As a result students become "Original Artists"(1).

We embody our teaching called Science of Mind and Spirit.(2) We are not here to teach a theory or to discuss interesting concepts. We are here to provide very practical spiritual tools which will allow us to live and enjoy life on a deeper and more fulfilling basis every day. For Science of Mind and Spirit, if embodied and used, brings real freedom.

We are here to bring the teachings of New Thought and Science of Mind and Spirit to the world. We are here to reveal the Divine Individual in every person. For the creation eagerly waits for the revelation of the sons and daughters of God.” (3)

God, the Good, has been waiting for us to discover our true nature. Then our essential self becomes active and our personality self becomes passive. We become totally free to fully express our original and unique artistic expression. We flow with universal life. We become spiritual masters and come into our natural state as Divine Individuals or in the words of Thomas Troward, Original Artists.

 Purpose of our Classes

These classes are professional, profound and powerful; professional, in that they are designed for university level instruction; profound, in that we teach the deepest ideas of Science of Mind and Spirit; and powerful, because they provide immediate practical tools for success.

The overriding purpose of these courses is to establish the consciousness of spiritual mastership and then help usher in the era of permanent peace on earth. Our earth is calling out for spiritual masters and when there are enough of them, a quantum shift takes place on our planet.

There are five other purposes of these classes. 

  1. To train ministers and practitioners under the auspices of New Thought Ministries (4) and provide Certificates of Completion through Emerson Institute. (5)(6)
  1. To offer degrees, bachelors, masters and doctorates through Emerson Institute. (7)
  1. To empower and train distance learning teachers.
  1. To offer continuing education to all New Thought students, teachers, practitioners and ministers.
  1. To bring the teaching of Science of Mind and Spirit to the world.

We believe when enough people discover and live from their divine individuality, a quantum shift takes place ushering in the kingdom of heaven and bringing peace to our planet.

Therefore, it is our duty and responsibility to use all resources available to bring Science of Mind and Spirit to as many people as possible. This is our clear commitment and what drives us every day. Check our experience and qualifications and come to the decision to become an Original Artist and help us to bring permanent peace to our planet.

To sign up for classes or to order books please go to  Books and Classes page.
(1)The term “Original Artist” applies to those who have mastered the art of living in unique and individual ways in all major area of life: health, prosperity, right relationships and creative self-expression. They come into the full embodiment of their dynamic presence based on the complete actuality of the Seven Qualities of Spirit as propounded by Thomas Troward. Their light shines and others are attracted to them. They are kind, supportive and unconditionally loving. They are continually filled with the dynamic energy of life. They promote a state of calm, relaxation and complete peacefulness. They are powerfully assertive but always balanced with deep compassion. They project an inner beauty which attracts others. And they exude a continual sense of profound joy.

(2)The term "Science of Mind and Spirit" is always to be used instead of "Science of Mind" because it more fully represents the complete teachings of Ernest Holmes.

(3)Romans 8:19

(4)New Thought Ministries are the distance learning teaching vehicles of Dr. Tom Sannar and are affiliated with Emerson Theological Institute.

(5)Emerson Theological Institute is the educational arm of the Affiliated New Thought Network. ANTN. New Thought University and New Thought Ministries is a designated campus of Emerson.   Emerson Institute is owned, operated and controlled by The Positive Living Center of Central California, Inc., a 501c3 non-denominational New Thought/Religious Science center. It is accredited by the Accrediting Commission International for Schools, Colleges and Theological Seminaries. This is a church-related accreditation, not an academic one. Students taking Emerson classes should not assume that credits will be accepted by secular and other private schools, colleges, businesses, or governmental agencies. Emerson credit is not accepted by Centers for Spiritual Living. It is the responsibility of the students to check with school districts, businesses, and other institutions to determine if Emerson credits will be accepted prior to taking classes.

(6)Emerson Institute may impose additional requirements or registration fees depending upon the degree or certificate requested. These requirements may include Ministerial Ethics and Leadership, Pastoral Counseling Care, Effective Public Speaking, How to Run a Spiritual Center and some internship service. Fees range from $150 per degree or certificate to $300 for Emerson registration.

(7) All tuition and fees are spelled out in advance in a scope of studies agreement between students and New Thought Ministries. Check out our example of Scope of Studies Agreement.