Scope of Studies Agreement

Scope of Studies Agreement for Joanne Doe – Submitted to Emerson Theological Institute For Ministerial License

Each class given at New Thought Ministries is three units in length and is designed for designed for 45 hours. This includes actual class time of each 10 week class, homework, projects and evaluation for each class. The cost is $200 for each three unit class. There are additional fees for handling oral and written examinations. Fees to Emerson theological Institute are not included. (SM stands for Spiritual Mastery)

Joanne Doe is a licensed practitioner with  (name of organization) or

Joanne Doe will be working towards her practitioner license first, followed by her ministerial license.

The following is a list of courses which assume the student has had no prior New Thought or Science of Mind and Spirit classes. She will receive credit for all New Thought courses she has taken. A written examination may be necessary to show proficiency in basic New Thought concepts.

Section A-Practical Spirituality

Emerson requirements -90 Hours -2 classes-6 semester units

New Thought Ministries Requirements 135 hours-3 classes-9 semester units

SM 101- Personal Empowerment

The first level of mastery is personal empowerment. (Basics of Science of Mind and Spirit)

The purpose of these lessons is to allow us to take dominion and control over our lives by coming into the realization that we create our own reality. We learn the Five Primary Concepts, Virtues and Tools of our teaching. We teach the power of scientific prayer. We explain the creative process and the principle of involution and evolution. We discuss how we establish mental equivalents and demonstrate health, abundance, loving relationships and creative self expression. We show how to embody great faith as we reveal our true spiritual nature.

SM102- Self-Actualization

In the second level of mastery we embody the power of self actualization. We teach how to totally accept ourselves, how to develop high self esteem and how to be grateful receivers. We help remove any blocks to the complete demonstration of spiritual magnificence. We solve problems with enthusiasm, always separating problems from people. We become passionate in the process of living but detached to the outcome. We have a deep feeling of empathy and compassion for all people and see goodness in everyone. We continue to emphasize the basic Science of Mind and Spirit tools. We learn and embody the Science of Mind and Spirit Declaration of Principles.

SM103-Personal Transformation

In the third level of mastery, we introduce the process of personal transformation. We develop a clear map of the evolution of consciousness that leads us from the material realm of effect to the mental realm of thought to the mystical realm of pure Spirit.  Although we may still pray for specific things or greater awareness, we find ourselves more and more often “in the kingdom of Spirit” where the blessings of God are effortlessly and continually revealing themselves.  We experience a state of grace knowing beyond doubt we are the beloved of God. We are both the particle of the individual and the wave of the universal. There is nothing to heal, only Truth to be revealed and it is revealed through our unique personal vision as well as our vision for the planet.

Section B- Practical Spirituality 200

Emerson requirements -90 Hours -2 classes-6 semester units

New Thought Ministries Requirements 135 hours-3 classes-9 semester units

SM 201-Global Transformation

In the fourth level of mastery, having experienced the ineffable Love of Spirit and knowing we are spiritual beings and love individualized, we open to global awareness.  We adopt the attitude of inclusiveness. We pledge to treat all living things including the earth and everything in it with deep dignity and respect. We take positive action to protect and preserve our environment.  We learn what it means to be a practitioner of Science of Mind and Spirit. We touch the hearts and minds of all sentient beings to help bring permanent peace and harmony to all people of the earth.

SM 202- The Consciousness of Ralph Waldo Emerson

In these lessons we study the life of Emerson, his fundamental ideas and his essays. We also discuss the Transcendental Movement and the writings of Plotinus which influenced Emerson. We explore what Emerson means by Original Christianity. Our purpose is twofold. First, we wish to have an appreciation for Emerson as an essayist and poet. Second, we wish to show how the ideas of Emerson influenced the philosophy of Science of Mind and Spirit. Students will have the opportunity to develop their own spiritual philosophy based on the writings of Emerson.  Emerson speaks directly to our soul and tells us the truth about ourselves, all of which reinforces our inner wisdom.

SM 203-History of New Thought-Roots-(SM401-Spiritual Origins of New Thought)

In these lessons we provide the student with an understanding of the historical roots of the New Thought Movement in America. A philosophical background is provided which includes a summary of Greek philosophy, the early Christian movement, the Gnostics, Plotinus and Meister Eckhart. We explain the important contributions of Ralph Waldo Emerson, Thomas Troward and Emma Curtis Hopkins. Specific emphasis is given to the works of P.P. Quimby, Joel Goldsmith, Emmet Fox, Teilhard De Chardin and Sri Aurobindo. As a result, we understand the tremendous contribution of the New Thought Movement as a universal spiritual philosophy.

Section C-Practical Spirituality 300

Emerson requirements -90 Hours -2 classes-6 semester units

New Thought Ministries Requirements 135 hours-3 classes-9 semester units

SM 301-Spiritual Renewal and Life Purpose

We introduce specific tools to remove any blocks or negativity from the subconscious mind. We live in a spiritual universe of unlimited energy.  This energy takes form when some agency brings focused attention to it. Once we have revealed the negative programming of the subconscious mind, we are in a position to consciously mold this creative energy by having a clear vision. We learn to do this in an organized way when we are clear about who we are, where we are going and how to get there. This set of lessons on Spiritual Renewal and Life Purpose gives us a step-by-step method whereby we can co-create a successful and prosperous life.

SM 302-Consciousness of a Practitioner

We introduce the theory and practice of spiritual mind treatment with emphasis on the books, How to Use the Science of Mind by Dr. Ernest Holmes and The Principles of Healing by H.B. Jeffery. We learn the various methods of spiritual mind healing. We make a distinction between mental and spiritual healing. We become proficient in conducting a practitioner healing session.

SM 303-Advanced Spiritual Mind Treatment

By now, we have established a consciousness of a practitioner and we are ready to go deeper, exploring the intricacies of the practitioner-client relationship and issues that arise from that relationship. We examine the latest methods to impart healing energy. We realize that a perception of wholeness is the consciousness of healing. We learn techniques but realize each individual must supply the spiritual consciousness and the personal relationship with the Divine.  We proceed with the knowing that Spirit is already in us because we are immersed in Spirit. We immediately separate any seeming condition from Spiritual Truth. We treat until we know Truth because we are that Truth. We develop an attitude of absolute faith and expectancy, denying every false condition. We approach our work conscientiously and persist until the realization demonstrates. Completed

Section D-Practitioner Internship. (6 semester units)

Emerson requirements -90 Hours -6 semester units

New Thought Ministries Requirements -90 hours-6 semester units

SM 304- Living as a Professional Practitioner-90 hours

Students will be introduced to business practices of a practitioner, including the establishment of a professional practitioner office, professional fees, the practitioner code of ethics and how to establish credibility as a professional. Students will be develop and submit for approval a personal internship which includes connecting and working with one or more new thought centers in the area. Required are at least five professional case histories including at least five letters of recommendation showing successful spiritual mind treatment. Students will create and maintain their own personal practitioner handbook to be completed before the end of the course. This personal handbook will be modeled after the practitioner handbook by Mary Schroeder and the practitioner handbook by Dr. Thomas C Sannar.

At the end of these practitioner classes, students must take and pass both an oral and written examination. Both examinations must be approved by Emerson theological Institute and New Thought Ministries. There is a fee of $200 for the examinations and final submission or practitioner license which includes signing the Practitioner Code of Ethics.

SM401-Spiritual Origins of New Thought

See: SM 203-History of New Thought-Roots requirement for practitioner license for the practitioner license.

SM403-World Religions

These lessons interpret all of the religions of the world in light of Science of Mind and Spirit.  We find the underlying spiritual truth, the “golden thread” that weaves its way throughout the centuries. All great religions begin with some kind of spiritual experience. Therefore, we focus on spiritual experience which speaks to our soul. We look to the essence of truth contained in these religions. We lift the religions out of their historical setting to study their universal principles. We study the spiritual values and the true essence of each of these religions.

SM404-Wisdom of Bible-Old Testament

In these lessons we learn a new way to interpret the Bible through the Power of Wisdom. (Sophia) The Bible is a book of emancipation and it is time we proclaim it as the foundation of our spiritual heritage. The Wisdom tradition is as old as humanity. It began with shamanism and the secret teachings of the earth over ten thousand years ago. Wisdom is found in the heart and soul of every person. Quimby called it the Christ. The Sufis call it Essence. All people have equal access to the Truth of Wisdom. There are no “gurus” and no special revelations. What becomes known to one can become known to all. The path of Wisdom if followed diligently will lead the aspirant to the realization of divinity.

SM405-Wisdom of Bible-New Testament

In these lessons, we continue the Wisdom Tradition to show how the early church and the theology of Paul and St. Augustine reinterpreted the teachings of Jesus to fit an authoritarian model. The Bible never intended to separate God from Its creation and create a duality of good and evil. True Christianity is not about sin and salvation. It is about love and acceptance.  True Christianity is not about a savior who died for us. It is about a spiritual master and wayshower who showed us how to live.  We learn to tune into our inner wisdom and hear the spiritual truth of the Master Jesus.

SM405-Eclectic Writings of Ernest Holmes

We have uncovered every book and pamphlet written by Ernest Holmes from 1916 to 1960. We have carefully studied this material and synthesized the overall philosophy of Science of Mind and Spirit. These lessons pay special attention to some of the more intricate aspects of the teaching such as different methods of spiritual mind treatment, the nature of Spirit, illusion and the eternal journey of the immortal soul. This class is included because it is required in CSL School of Ministry.

SM406-The Complete Writings of Thomas Troward

The study of Troward is essential to a deeper understanding of Science of Mind and Spirit and the consciousness of its founder, Dr. Ernest Holmes. Troward wrote six books, numerous articles and his comments on the Psalms. Most students read only the Edinburgh Lectures. To understand the influence of Troward it is necessary to study all of his works. We penetrate to the essence of Troward’s philosophy and at the same time deepen our appreciation for the depth of Science of Mind and Spirit. We present Eighteen General Principles found throughout his works and then specifically analyze Creative Process in the Individual, Dore Lectures, The Law and the Word, Bible Mystery and Bible Meaning, The Essays of Troward, (Formerly called Your Hidden Power) Edinburgh Lectures and other unpublished material. This class is included because it is required in CSL School of Ministry.

SM407-The Mysticism of Emma Curtis Hopkins

Emma Curtis Hopkins is called the “teacher of teachers” in the New Thought Movement. She has trained or influenced many of our leaders. Ernest Holmes met with her in 1924 and took her 12 week course. She taught Ernest how to impart mystical consciousness. By immersing ourselves in these lessons, we find that we transcend the intellect and come into direct contact the mystical presence of Living Spirit. We begin by seeing God, the Good. We learn to embody the Twelve Attributes of the Christ. We are quickened by the Holy Spirit and realize in the end that we are lifted together in love.

SM408-Spiritual Philosophy and Science of Mind and Spirit

Students are attracted to Science of Mind and Spirit because it resonates with their soul. But they often do not have the intellectual background to clearly distinguish between differing spiritual philosophies. These classes provide that background so that we immediately can tell if a spiritual philosophy is consistent with Science of Mind and Spirit. By studying the different spiritual philosophies of the world, we broaden our level of awareness and deepen our understanding of our own teaching.

SM409-Mysticism and Science of Mind and Spirit

Ernest Holmes tells us, “It is direct experience that gives validity to our teaching. Without experience, everything else is speculation.” And, Thomas Aquinas says, “All that I have written is mere straw compared to what I have seen.”  These classes provide a spiritual roadmap for the immortal soul. They explain how Science of Mind and Spirit is essentially a mystical path which, if followed, brings us the joy we have been seeking since the beginning of the world. The secrets of a unified, whole and transparent life are revealed.

SM410-Science, Quantum Physics and New Thought

If Science of Mind and Spirit lives up to its name, it must be compatible with modern science and our understanding of quantum physics. We cannot compartmentalize our thinking. The latest findings of modern science must be compatible with what the mystics have known for centuries. In this class, we bring forth the latest scientific discoveries and show how they prove Science of Mind and Spirit is spiritual and scientific truth.

SM411-Voice Celestial

These lessons give us familiarity with the philosophical traditions of the world as they apply to our teaching.  Ernest Holmes spent the last two years of his life summarizing his entire spiritual philosophy through this epic poem, The Voice Celestial. It contains a rich discussion of the historical spiritual philosophy and literature of the world. While studying this epic poem, exploring its symbolism and footnotes, we develop a deeper insight and understand our teaching and its mystical basis.

SM412-Spiritual Mastership- Part One

This class is designed for the individual aspirations of the student and is based upon the commitment to continually and constantly live as a spiritual being. We are now in a position to integrate our consciousness totally and completely with the divine. We have developed a deep aspiration for spiritual union. We have cleansed all negative attitudes of the subconscious mind. We have surrendered our ego and lower personality watching it being lifted up into Spirit. We are ready to learn and embody the mystical secrets that brings into the consciousness of the Original Artist, the consciousness of a spiritual master. Credit given for Self Mastery Class and Self-Actualization Class

SM413-Spiritual Mastership- Part Two

We are now ready to take the final step to spiritual liberation. As ministers, we are illumined spiritual beings. We not only understand spiritual illumination. We experience it. We are no longer simply awakened to Spirit. We learn what it means to be fully illumined. We have been lifted up and transformed. We are the Essence of God functioning as individualizations of that Essence in time and space. We have established a clear and consistent spiritual roadmap upon which we can rely in all aspects of our lives. We live as enlightened spiritual beings, in the world but not of it.

We exhibit the Consciousness of the Christ in all of its forms and manifestations.

We are spiritual masters, living in their natural state as Divine Individuals and Original Artists.

Note: The Emerson Course of New Thought Fundamentals(3 semester units – 45 hours of instruction) is covered under SM405-The Eclectic Writings of Ernest Holmes. The Emerson course of Consciousness Studies(3 semester units – 45 hours of instruction) is covered under SM412-Spiritual Mastership- Part One


SM414 Practical Aspects of Ministry (Three 10 week classes-nine semester units-135 hours of instruction

This class is flexibly designed for the individual needs of our students, whether the student is working towards a special ministry, desires and online ministry or a brick-and-mortar center. Specific types of ministry are addressed including How to Teach Online versus How to Teach in Classroom or Seminar Setting. We cover ministerial ethics and leadership, pastoral counseling and effective public speaking.


SM415-Internship for Pulpit Ministry- (200 hours of instruction)

This class is provided for those students wishing to enter pulpit ministry. We provide 200 hours of internship for those students wishing to become pulpit ministers. During the internship program we introduce how to organize the Sunday service, conducting meditation sessions, ceremonies including marriage, funeral, dedications and blessings, church bulletins and pamphlets, financial management, relationship of minister with boards of trustees with boards of trustees, effective speaking, creating legal documents and establishing church status including articles of incorporation and bylaws. This class is not required for those who do not wish to enter pulpit ministry.

At the end of these ministerial classes and before any licenses granted, students must take and pass both an oral and written examination. Both examinations must be approved by Emerson theological Institute and New Thought Ministries. There is a fee of $200 for the examinations and final submission of ministerial license which includes signing the Ministerial Code of Ethics.

Registration Fees for Emerson Institute:

$150 for Practitioner

$150 for Ministerial

$150 for Masters

$150 for Doctorate