What our Students say


●●● Thanks for the opportunity to let others know how powerful your classes are. I took The Eclectic Writings of Ernest Holmes and The Complete Writings of Thomas Troward for ministerial school requirements. Both classes were excellent and I would recommend them to anyone on their spiritual path. If I had known about Dr Tom Sannar and the distance learning classes he taught  before this, I would have done as much course work as possible with him.

Dr. Tom is passionate about teaching and has truly embraced a way to make distance learning both fun and interactive. He gives each student permission to ask questions without feeling weird if they don’t understand  something. He is empowering and encourages dialogue so that everyone gets heard.

I would recommend if you have taken these classes from Dr. Tom already to look at what is next that he is teaching. I plan on taking additional classes from him.

One of the things I likes the best about Dr Tom is his insight and  how he intuits what needs to take place so there is room for flexibility in the class flow.

Reverend Donna Young

●●●I recently completed an online course, created and taught by Dr. Tom Sannar, on the teachings of the New Thought mystic Emma Curtis Hopkins.  It was an extraordinary experience; during the ten weeks of the course, I was continually impressed with Dr. Tom’s attention to detail in preparing each lesson.  In addition, Dr. Tom’s energy and enthusiasm for the material carried through the online medium beautifully.  Do yourself a favor and take one of his classes; I can assure you that you’ll enjoy it!

Rev. Martin Preston, senior minister-Center for Spiritual Living FL Gulfcoast – Clearwater/Largo, FL

●●●After hearing Dr. Tom Sannar’s presentation on The Voice Celestial at Asilomar, I became an enthusiastic student of his online classes. So far, I have taken 5 online classes from him, including The Complete Writings of Thomas Troward, and the Eclectic Writings of Ernest Holmes.

As an ordained minister, I do not need additional classes or credits, but have found his classes thoughtful and useful. I continue to be impressed by the depth of his knowledge of Ernest Holmes and other New Thought pioneers. He is a skillful teacher, and a scholar who has created wonderful online classes. His Sourcebook of Science of Mind Sourcebook, An analysis of the writings of Ernest Holmes 1916- 1959, is an invaluable resource, and testament to his in-depth knowledge of Holmes’ work. I highly recommend his online classes which have complemented my prior training from Dr. Carleton Whitehead .

Rev. Sarah Q. Hargrave-Staff minister-Golden Gate Center For Spiritual Living

●●●I feel that Dr. Tom Sannar is the best teacher I have ever had and look forward to more classes in my future. His knowledge of the material on the Writings of Thomas Troward and the Writings of the Eclectic Ernest Holmes, were presented extremely well. Our understanding was increased by questions and answers throughout the classes. Troward and Holmes came to life through Dr. Sannar. Their philosophies showed their love of Spirit and how we are all part of this amazing universe.

Sincerely, Lorinda Rhodes 760 723 8876

●●●It has been a great privilege to take your classes .My classmates and I all agree that your classes were essential to our growth and understanding of God and Science of Mind.

Rev.Bobby Lee, RScP -Office 541 764-2117

●●●My last year of ministerial training was in 2013-2014 and Dr. Tom Sannar taught two required classes; “Writings of Thomas Troward” and “Eclectic Writings of Earnest Holmes”. I loved the classes so much that I actually took the next class that he offered that was not required on “Emma Curtis Hopkins” which was fabulous. His classes are well put together, it is obvious that he loves the topics he teaches and puts his heart and soul into his teachings.  The information is wonderful and well documented; the pictures add a great visual effect and his classes are fun and interactive.  By taking these classes, Dr. Tom Sannar had deepened my understanding of the Religious Science Teachings.

Sincerely, Rev. Lori McMacken

●●●In 2013 I was blessed to partake in two courses: “The Complete Writings of Thomas Troward” and “The Eclectic Writings of Ernest Holmes” from Dr. Tom Sannar through distance learning.  Dr Tom’s passion for both subjects was catching and inspiring.  His in-depth knowledge and creative way of presenting both subjects set the tone that encouraged us to want to learn more and more.  The knowledge I gained will certainly be useful in my role as minister and teacher. It is my pleasure to recommend these courses as part of the curriculum.

Rev. Lana Graham

●●●Please accept this glowing recommendation of Dr. Tom Sannar’s classes, The Complete Writings of Thomas Troward and The Eclectic Writings of Ernest Holmes. I took them as part of the Ministerial 400 curriculum and feel that they added quite a bit to my experience.

As a college professor myself, I can tell you that Dr. Tom addressed every learning style in his approach to these classes.  The slides were visually stimulating and contained a great deal of information.  He would speak over the slides, embellishing on the info, while utilizing key words and phrases from them for those who are auditory learners.  Finally, handouts and questions were included in our weekly preparation and homework to address the kinetics in the group who learn by doing and applying.  We were forced, by way of the weekly discussions and questions, to reason through and apply the complex information that Dr. Tom presented.  This has enhanced my toolkit in ways that have yet to completely reveal themselves, and I am grateful.

I give Dr. Tom and his curriculum the highest of recommendations.  Please feel free to contact me if you would like to discuss this further.

Rev. Shell Redfern-239.834.7758- Shell@ShellRedfern.com=

●●●This is a letter of recommendation for the courses on The Complete Writings of Thomas Troward and The Eclectic Writings of Ernest Holmes. Both classes are of great value to a deeper understanding of the Science of Mind teaching.

The teaching model Dr. Tom Sannar has put together are beautiful slides with images and words that have had profound meaning to me. I learned so much more about the history of this teaching and I think that both classes are an essential part to ministry training.

Dr. Tom Sannar is a passionate facilitator and brings a quality of love for this teaching to the world. An experience that needs to be made available to all students.

Rev. Monika Krammer

●●●I can personally recommend Rev. Doc. Tom’s material used in his distance learning class in 2013, on the works of Judge Thomas Troward. Tom’s analysis of the material, including comparisons to Ernest Holmes’ material, was informative and thought provoking. Tom, and his distance learning material, supported lively participation from the students. Tom has assisted me in obtaining a greater understanding of Science of Mind (SOM) principles and applying them to my life.  The materials are also visually breathtaking.

Tom has a way of synthesizing the most important ideas of SOM and making them  clearly understood.  I have great appreciation for his mind.

I also want to recommend his amazing material on the “Voice Celestial”.  Of all the material written by Ernest Holmes, this should be required of every student. Tom’s class opened a new dimension for me into the mind of Ernest Holmes.

Thank you for the opportunity to support a great teacher and writer, Dr. Tom Sannar.

Maurene Bishop RsP

●●●I am moved to recommend Dr. Tom Sannar’s classes, The Eclectic Writings of Ernest Holmes and The Complete Writings of Thomas Troward to be included in the curriculum in the School of Spiritual Leadership.

I just finished four years of ministerial training and feel that the availability of the two above-mentioned classes was deeply transformational for me. The understanding and knowledge I gained studying these great men and their work with Dr. Sannar has been monumental in my spiritual growth.  Dr. Sannar’s classes were unlike any other I’ve taken and my hope is that our organization, as a whole, has this added experience in developing themselves as ministers.

It is with great joy and expectation that I put forth adding these classes to the future ministerial students curriculum. I know without a doubt they will be grateful on many levels and moved by the depth and heart each class brings with it.

Rev. Diane Moen-Eugene, Or.-541-520-8551

●●●It is with utmost pleasure that I recommend Rev. Dr. Tom Sannar’s classes, The Complete Writings of Thomas Troward and The Eclectic Writings of Ernest Holmes, for inclusion in any curriculum designed for students on the ministerial track in the School of Spiritual Leadership.

My experience in recently taking these courses was truly transformational.  The depth of understanding that I experienced with regard to Dr. Holmes and Thomas Troward was far beyond anything I have experienced as a ministerial student in any class for the last four years.  Rev. Dr. Sannar is a true scholar of these founders of our philosophy and, most importantly, his presentation of these great teachers is truly at the heart level.

The course’s concepts truly affected me at a deep emotional level to where both luminaries now live in my consciousness.  I sincerely trust that other ministerial students will have the same opportunity.

Rev. Drew Johnson- Eugene, Or.

●●●The classes taught by Dr. Tom Sannar were the highlight of my ministerial education. Before these classes, my in depth knowledge of Holmes’ and Troward’s writings was minimal, but I had no idea of that until Dr. Tom’s classes. They were very different from all of the other distance learning classes. Dr. Tom sent a detailed email with his PowerPoint slides for the class, the lesson on a separate attachment, and the homework on yet another attachment before the appointed time so that we could study the lesson. We could follow along with the lesson and the slides as we discussed the material. Dr. Tom was very responsive to our questions, and asked penetrating questions of his own to check that we fully understood the material.

He was always extremely organized, and he conducted each lesson as if we were in an actual class, with time for each student to ask and respond to questions. This was very different from most other online classes, in which we listened to prerecorded mp3 files and were pretty much “on our own” for the entire class with minimal interaction with the teacher.  These classes were deeply intellectually satisfying and evocative.

Dr. Sannar’s lessons are very detailed, and his knowledge of his subjects is profound. My fellow students and I were in agreement that future Science of Mind ministerial students would be missing a wealth of knowledge if they are not exposed to Dr. Tom’s classes.  Given that his subjects are core to the teaching of Science of Mind Principles, I recommend these classes very highly.

Rev. Karen Hewett.

●●●Just like Emma Curtis Hopkins, Dr. Tom Sannar is the Teachers’ Teacher. His class comprises of foundational students to Ministers running their own congregation. His intense studies, research and embodiment of the teachings of Emma Curtis Hopkins guide his students through Emma’s 12-step journey to The Christ Mind. This class is transformative as you are lifted to a higher level of being seeing life through the eyes of the Christ.  If you are yearning to be connected to your true nature and wanting to expand and grown in the Christ Mind this is the class for you!

Lori McMacken  RScP